Our History


Artistry was founded in 1955

Artistry was founded in 1955 by Thomas Johnsen and his wife Dorothy. The couple previously worked in the engraving department at Marshall Fields in Chicago.

The Johnsen's took on several employees including:

  • Richard Archer (pressman)
  • Al Whyte (engraver)
  • Joe Janizak (pressman)
The first Artistry location opens

Artistry opened in a small store front at 19 South Wells Street, Chicago and the team slowly built an impressive following including Marshall Fields and other prominent businesses.


Dorothy becomes president

Thomas passed away suddenly and Dorothy became the president. Faced with the challenge of raising a young child while operating a functional shop on her own, Dorothy decided that forming a partnership with current employees, Richard, Al, and Joe would ensure the future success of Artistry.


Artistry was incorporated on the 7th of March 1965.

1968 - 1978

1968: Artistry moves to new location
Artistry moves

Artistry moves to 210 West Van Buren Street, Chicago

1978: Mike Gattuso
Mike Gattuso

Mike Gattuso began working part-time at the shop after school.

1968 - 1977: Expansion of services

Artistry purchases other small engraving / die stamping operations in the area, expanding their press collection and productivity.


1982: Artistry moves to second location

Artistry was forced to move, yet again, to 656 West Washington Street, Chicago.

1988: Tammy Gattuso
Mike and Tammy

Tammy Gattuso (Dorothy's daughter/Mike Gattuso's wife) begins working full time at Artistry.

Joe Janizak decided it was time to retire.

Photo Etching: Artistry begins to make its own photoengraving plates in shop.

1983: Mike Gattuso begins full-time position

Mike takes on full time employment in 1983 and learned how to operate a press, etch, engrave and serve clients.

1989: Artistry moves to third location

Artistry was forced into the difficult position of relocating yet again. After much thought, Dorothy and her partners purchased a building at 6000 North Northwest Highway, Chicago, to prevent any further need to move and provide adequate space for future growth.

October 24th, 1989

Mike's dad, Sam Gattuso, passed away leaving Diversey Letterpress to him. This unofficial acquisition of Diversey led to the adoption of our classic 1890 Chandler and Price Letterpress printing machine which allowed Artistry to begin running small run letterpess jobs.


1991: Al Whyte leaves Artistry

Al Whyte decided it was time to put the graver down and retire.

1994: The Wedding Gift

After Dorothy’s partners retired, Mike and Tammy became partners at Artistry.

Several years later ownership was passed on to them.

1993: Richard Archer

Richard decided it was time to retire.

1999: Diversification

Mike began diversifying Artistry's services from Engraving and Die Stamping to other printing techniques including Foil Stamping, Duplexing, Die Cutting, Offset Printing, and Letterpress Printing.


2014: The next generation joins Artisty

Mike and Tammy's son, Philip, graduates from MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design) and returned to join the family business.